Since we have been budgeting a few years now, we have made many changes. But the biggest change this year is setting a monthly goal.  We had goals in the past but they were very generic.  For example, “Let’s try to put x amount per month towards debt!” Well like they say …

” A goal without a plan, is a wish.”-   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

These vague goals always get thrown aside. Each month something would come up.  We would have an unexpected medical bill, or one of our kids would grow and need new clothes(Stinkin’ kids…). This year, to really keep us on track, I wrote out specific goals tailored to each month.  These goals would factor in activities, birthdays, and any extras that typically pop up that time of year.  I did set the bar high, to push us to pay off this debt as fast as possible.

January’s goal was 1000.00.  It was lower than usual, but I knew we needed to partially replenish the emergency fund, so we could start out the year with that in place.  If you aren’t familiar with Dave Ramsey’s program, the emergency fund is step one.  You save 1000.00 and keep it for true emergencies. This is to try to prevent you from slipping up and using the old credit card!  It has worked for us! We haven’t used a credit card in 2 years(Hallelujah!!)!

We did have things come up-as usual.  But all in all it was a good month. We ended up paying 1150.00 towards our debt! Praise Jesus!

I hope that in sharing our goals, we will inspire others to reach theirs.  We didn’t start out having much to put towards debt at all.  It took paying off some things to really see our debt snowball gain its momentum.  Have you started your budget? Are you working on your emergency fund?  What are your goals for February? Can’t wait to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Dear January. How did we do??

  1. Hey girl! Right now, stuck between tackling loan debt and paying for my last few grad classes out of pocket. Just need to sit down and plan things out! That’s the hard part for me. Keep on keepin on!


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