When you have committed to kicking debt out of your household, it’s almost inevitable that eventually you’ll be tempted to quit.  Don’t give up!  Listed below are some ways I stay encouraged..

Listen to Dave’s podcast

When I am feeling alone on the debt free train, there is no better place to turn.  It feels like coming home.  I love the way Dave gives advice, direct and to the point.  I am always learning new things and reinforcing that which I already know.  Also, he has what is known as “millionaire hour”, and sometimes it is REALLY inspirational.  I have listened to several people call in that have normal jobs, like teaching, or accounting.  People who make average pay, who have achieved “millionaire” status.

Read success stories

You can find success stories almost anywhere.  You can start on his website (www.daveramsey.com), or just search the internet.  People are really doing this, everyday.  This is a movement, and trust me it’s one your want to join.

Read finance blogs

I didn’t grow up with a strong background in finance, I learned more of what not to do then what to do.  We didn’t have a class that taught us the dangers of debt, how to write a check, or how to do my own taxes. I definitely didn’t know squat about investing!  I am constantly learning new things and finding inspiration in other people’s financial blogs.  There are tons of options out there, here are a few you can try:




Watch budgeting vlogs

If you aren’t excited about all this reading, head on over to you tube and search Dave Ramsey.  There are plenty of vlogs featuring people who have followed this plan and been successful, I am telling you people, it’s a movement.

Plan your future

What does being debt free mean to you?  What will you be able to do then, that you aren’t able to do now? For me there are several things.  We would love to sell our house and buy a farm, paying at least half in cash. Then we want to save for our future and travel.  We will always live on a budget but our spending category will increase.  But more than all those things, we want to give. We want to be in the position to do what we feel God is calling us to do.  Help others without restraints.  There have been so many times that we have wanted to do more, and just haven’t had the resources.  Being debt free will afford us to follow where he leads.  And that is not just financial freedom, it’s just freedom.


6 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated This Month

  1. Your last point is very important and a great motivator, I think. Becoming debt-free isn’t just being relieved of the financial burdens and stress of the debt, it’s a step toward true freedom–the freedom to change jobs, to travel and give more. That has been our experience.

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