Tax season is upon us.  Dave Ramsey teaches that you should adjust your withholding so that you break even at the end of the year.  He says this, because otherwise you are giving the government an interest free loan. So we adjusted.  We broke close to even this year.  Ending up with a small refund.  I know this is beneficial because we are getting more in our checks per month, but I can’t help but feel disappointed after years of getting more.

It’s also a little painful because I know if we had been more on task last year, we could have paid a lot more off, with all that extra.  But this is a new year, and we can’t change the past, we can only learn from it.  So we  will be trucking along, on schedule to pay off this van by May.

Everyone is going to have weeks where they are less than inspired.  When these hit my house, I choose to try to let them pass with minimal decision-making.  Otherwise we may end up making emotional decisions that could drastically change our desired outcomes.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  Because that island your swimming to, its desolate, there aren’t many people who have reached it, and its going to be a nice long vacation.

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