My phone has been broken, for a while.  The battery won’t charge correctly, and it has very little sound.  Causing me to miss important phone calls, and preventing me from jamming out unless I have a Bluetooth speaker. First world problems, ya’ll.

The old me would have marched right down to Verizon and picked up the latest and greatest. But, I really hate contracts and we haven’t been under one in a long time.  I just like the freedom of choosing who I do business with. And here’s a secret, those free phones, aren’t really free. I know, shocking right.   Not only are you bound by a ridiculous contract by getting one, that seem to extend way beyond what they should, but they have you hook, line, and sinker.  Your bill goes up, they prorate this and adjust that, before you know it you’re pushing 200 dollars per month or more!

The benefit of not being bound by contract is the power of negotiation.  We use a lot of data, so our plan was kind of high. I had decided we may need to switch to another company. I called and explained our situation, we are paying off debt and this is just too much money to pay for a cell service.  So we can either get this bill down, or I am going to have to find another service (make sure you do this with manners for best results). Before I knew it I was paying only 20 dollars more than an average prepaid phone with some extras thrown in!

So back to my broken phone, I started looking online and found the speaker and a brand new battery for 17 dollars! So I ordered them and had my lovely husband install them.  Now it is working perfectly! It has made me jump several times today because I’m not used to how loud and clear it is.

So have you been contemplating a big purchase, or commitment? Maybe there is a different option you hadn’t considered.  Often times we back ourselves into big financial decisions by only considering 2 options, but often times there is a 3rd.  Time to think outside the box!

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