So that is a really corny title, I know. It’s also pretty late at night when I am finally getting to write this post, so bear with me.  It’s also a tad less goofy than the first few titles that came to mind…

Anyways, the results for April are in! Drum roll please… We surpassed our goal! We needed to make up for a few shorter months, so it was such a blessing to be able to scrape that together!  I am literally so ready to jump to the end of May, all I can think about is paying off this van, and boat season! Speaking of the boat, we are still needing some repairs, but until May is over, that’s on the back burner.

This month has been full of hard work and sacrifice.  I literally feel like the most terrible friend! We haven’t had time to do any extras, and barely maintain the things we need to do.  So to all my friends out there, I apologize.  Our lives are so busy and crazy during this stage of life, it’s hard to find time for each other, but I am thankful for the time we do get!

Now I will focus my energy on finishing up the kid’s school year, testing, and getting rid of this van payment.  How did your April go?  Are you making progress?  I hope no ones “raining” on your parade.  If so, grab hold of the “rains”, your future depends on it!


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