First of all, I need to apologize for my tardiness in this post.  This summer has been busy!

Poor May, I had a lot of hope for you! And you let me down. Ok, maybe I let me down. Turns out trying to finish a school year with 3 kiddos, and working full time hours, don’t mix so well.  So due to some necessary cut backs the first two weeks of May, and some unexpected expenses, we were unable to meet our goal of paying off the van.

Time to set a new goal.  We are hoping to be back on track and have it paid off in June, although June is an expensive month, I think we can do it.  The kids have a lot less going on, so our days off will be much more laid back.  One thing I learned in May, stressing doesn’t pay the bills.  Overthinking things doesn’t always create a solution.

Then came June, sweet revenge! We are one step closer to our goal.  I was so very proud the day we paid the van off.  It was glorious! We were heading out for vacation, but I just couldn’t fully relax until we stopped by the bank.  Now we are down to our final debt, my student loan….dun dun duuuunnn. I am so ready to complete this part of our journey.

How did the last couple months go for you?

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